The 9th Commandment Of Value Building For Small Business Owners

Know Your Destination – Thou shalt make a plan

The next commandment of Value Building business owners is to create an actual roadmap from where you are now to where you want to be.

I’ve shared before that my mentor, Harry Palmer, had a great saying: “If you don’t put a plan together before you head out from Los Angeles to Chicago, you could end up in Miami.”

I’m Linda Feinholz. I work with business owners who want more Control, Value and Freedom.

Among the over 200 companies I’ve worked with over the years, many of the business owners admitted they found themselves in Miami.

What a waste of time, energy, brain power, resources. I don’t need to go on, right?

They couldn’t stop problem solving day after day, but they wanted to get to Chicago and be putting that energy into their real objectives!

Many entrepreneurs, yes – and business owners this means you – are Ready? Fire! folks. Completely missing the Aim!

One of the biggest challenges that owners face is that they run their own business “so that no tells ME what to do!” Right?

It’s great to be master of your own Destiny! Captain of your ship! Wait! I’ve got more metaphors!

But that also means you top out in your capacity to grow and so does your business. Why is that?

Did you know that there are 4 Learning Styles, and they actually determine how you respond to the information that comes your way and whether you’re even interested in it. That includes whether you’ll create and use a plan.

What are those 4 styles? Here goes.

The first is the “Why” learner. If they don’t hear why something is important to them, to a goal they have, they’ll tune out every single thing that’s presented to them. About 35% of the population is a “Why” learner, including the people on your team. So you’d better share the “Why” before anything else!

Why Plan? They need to understand: What’s the wasted effort that’s happening by the team being off-focus. How much is it costing the company, their department? What perks are going to be cut due to that lack of focus. NOW they’ll pay attention to the rest.

Next is the “What” learner. They want to know the background explanation, the data, the proof about it and what it is that you’re recommending. If you tell them the 3 best plans that can be used in business and why you’re choosing plan ‘A’, they’ll stick with you for what comes next. So will those “Why” learners.

The third learning style is “How To.” These are the folks who want the sequence of steps that will be used to organize things, make them happen, problem solve along the way. They’re itching to get dirt under their nails. They love that you’ve given them the checklist to use to set things up and stay on track.

Finally we have “So What” learners. Throughout the entire time you’ve been sharing information, they may be looking distracted. But their mind is like a steel trap. As soon as they hear the gold nugget, they’re raring to go implement. You can also call them the “Now” folks. They want to see and hear what they can go do now.

Remember Ready? Fire! folks who completely miss the Aim?

Imagine what it’s like to be the Why, What and How To members of a team when you, the owner are constantly heading off on the road.

It’s their job to help you succeed… but will you listen if they try to mention you’re on the road to Miami when you declared the destination was Chicago?

Let’s be sure you and your entire team are on track.

Your homework is to review a list of your top 3 goals with your team and discuss if they think you’re all pulling in the same direction, heading to those specific targets. Work through with your team to identify the ways you may be off-focus, and how you’ll all reset your direction going forward.

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I look forward to celebrating you getting to your destination!


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