Is Your Business Bankable and “Sellable”?

How important, and how urgent is it for you to create a ‘healthy’ and ‘self-sustaining’ business… one that lets you go on vacation without calling in to see how things are going?

  • Your business can outpace others in your market…
  • Your team can be as passionate about world class customer service as you are.
  • Your business can be more productive, more profitable, and ‘attractive’ to bankers and buyers…
  • Your business can be so smooth-running that you could take a 3-month vacation without a blip…
  • And more!…

You CAN increase your Control, Profits and Freedom!

Here’s what I know

There are 3 kinds of entrepreneur/business owner

  • Do-It-Yourself-ers… will devote hours a week to reading about business, months a year going to trainings and conferences in order to figure it out step-by-step for themselves.
  • Once-I-Get-Ready-ers… have a threshold of how much information they want to understand, and then they’ll reach out for assistance to get things moving.
  • Let’s-Get-It-Done-ers… see the future they want and use leverage – the ‘know how’ and expertise of others – to accelerate making the changes and taking actions that will get them to their goals.

Which one are you?

Your starting scores on the 8 Drivers of Value guide how we prioritize working on your business. 

Whether for yourself or for taking your company to market or the bank, by working on those 8 Value Drivers you’ll

  • increase the ‘sellability‘ of your business, and it’s ‘bankability‘,
  • improve your cost structure and profitability.
  • increase your business stability and control through your team
  • access the true growth potential of your market and customers

You need to know how to position your company above your competitors, with the least risk and most true value.

It starts with knowing which type of owner you are: Do-It-Yourself-erOnce-I-Get-Ready-er… or Let’s-Get-It-Done-er

How We Work With You To Unleash That Value


The starting point of all our work is to contact us to set up private time with Linda to go through it together discuss your business’s challenges.


Together we identify the the value you are leaving on the table, and the steps to take to increase the value in your business.


You and your team learn how to measurably transform your company‘s scores on those drivers. And get it done!

Uncover How You Compare With Your Competitors On The 8 Key Drivers Of Value & Exactly What Needs Your Attention: