Each of these folks asked themselves: “If I were absent from my business for 90 days, what state would it be in On Day 91?” Then they took action!

Michael D.
Company President

“As a result of the High Payoff management skills and tools I started using, my meeting time was cut by 80%. My management team worked with each other so effectively I got back the time to focus on the goal of selling our company, AND was able to go watch my kid’s games after school. Sold the company for $25M.”

Maritza Parra
Product Creator

“I just got off of a 1 on 1 call with Linda and she gave me a really easy-to-implement idea that’s going to add at least $120,000 to my bottom line this year. I am so glad that I joined her mastermind and her Inner Circle, and I cannot wait for the next idea that she gives me.”

David Fagan

“I’m no slouch when it comes to business building BUT operations is definitely my weak point. After just under an hour with you Linda Feinholz I know exactly what I need to do to improve bandwidth and organize work flow! You’re awesome! I might have to fly you out some time to work with my whole team!”

Kathryn Tralli
SVP 20th Century Fox

“Linda is a spark! She is energizing, thought provoking and her questions and critical thinking lead me to new ways of being, thinking and doing in my business. There is no one like her with her breadth of experience and expertise. You come out with hope AND a plan of action!”

Dave Anderson
COO of International Corporation

“I have been working with Linda Feinholz and it has been so valuable. Linda has had fantastic insights, provided valuable information and she has help create a simple system that enables me to cut through my obstacles and distractions. I’ve been able to set a clear Vision for myself and my team has measurable goals. I’ve been able to use her Time Mastery system and it has given me back 3 hours a day to focus on creating high payoff results. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Sandy Price
Division Head

“I’ve been implementing these 4 techniques and they have significantly impacted reducing stress for me and interacting better with my team. They are complaining less and staying focused longer. These are huge wins in dealing with some of the difficult personalities on my team currently.”

Annette Friskopp
Serial CEO and Tech Company Board Member

“Working with Linda is one of the best ROI’s in business! From less than 4 hours a month working with her, learning these techniques and using these systems, my thinking’s been reshaped, my skills have grown by leaps and bounds, and I take action quickly and confidently in new complex situations. We put fresh plans in place and my entire team stepped up in their responsibility and capability. Thanks, Linda!”

Steve Yust
Division Head

“Our bottom line result from working with Linda: completely reorganized our work flow processes, increased production capacity 35%, reduced cycle time 40% and department headcount 25%, increased order fulfillment 30%… realizing $500,000 in annual savings from operations.”

“Every business owner and entrepreneur needs to understand what questions to ask. Linda’s knack is getting you to ask the right questions for building an extraordinary business and life. [Read ‘Breakthrough’ and] HOLD ON TIGHT!”

Adrian Matthews
Business Builder

I spent 2 hours calling on potential management candidates for employment. I worked with Human Resources yesterday to redesign the recruiting efforts. And I had time to solve the sales issue we discussed.

Maureen Bernstein
Business Owner

“Wow! Mary was right – you really do get people ‘un-stuck!’ I’ve been really ‘stalled’ on getting my new business launched and now I’m not. You made me think about ideas I hadn’t wanted to and now I have a plan and know exactly the steps I’m going to take. Not only am I unstuck, I have a meeting on Friday with the head of their claims department. I’m going to propose a case study using their policy holders in a certain area to see if we can actually reduce the percentages of claims below the national average.”

Brad Leggett
Consultant To Business Owners

“The conversations and guidance from Linda have lead to a complete repositioning of our services and already spurred our growth. Worth every minute of working with her.”

Devorah Spilman
Business Owner

“Whatever problem I am having with my business Linda has the clearest, most accurate and insightful answer. She immediately knows what I need and has a solution that I can put into action for instant results. I know that anyone who hires Linda will succeed. I know I am! My StorySelling business is taking a “Linda inspired jump” at this very moment!”

Ken Krell
Serial Entrepreneur

“Linda is my little-freaking-angel. She keeps cutting through the complicated business ideas I start chasing and keeps me coming back to what is simple and darned lucrative! She rocks!”

Limor Schafman

“Yesterday I called Linda in utter confusion and distraction. I have four different directions I can pursue with my business, each seemingly distinct, heading in a different direction. In 30 minutes, Linda offered guidance, tools and feedback that showed me how to rethink how I was positioning myself, add structure to the idea generating process, and reconfigure the various directions into a unified, deeper selection of services offering of my company and the product that I am. Now I have a clearer path to walk forward on. Thank you, Linda!”

Michael F.
Business Owner

For the first time in years I went on vacation and didn’t think about what was going on in the office ~ I knew everything was under control, being handled, and made more money! THAT’S High Pay-Off!”

Debra Shames
Business Owner

“After 3 years of solid earnings but unimpressive growth, we were frustrated and unsure how to proceed. You offered a new approach that hit home immediately. Sometimes it’s impossible to see what’s right in front of you. A ½ hour discussion and we’ve shifted our priorities for next year. And we know it will take us to a new level!”