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Perhaps you’ve been busy watching webinars?… getting ideas with the best intention of taking action and you never fully follow through?

NOW it’s time to put pen to paper and work ON your business…

So we’re inviting you to get it done, with Linda Feinholz – Founder of On Day 91, The Momentum Program and …

The LIVE online workshop for business owners who don’t want to get ‘stuck’ in their business.

4 Hours Hands-ON That Will Stabilize Your Business To Weather Turbulent Times & Succeed For Years To Come:

Linda Feinholz - Founder of On Day 91, Creator of The Pivot Workshop and The Momentum Program

Linda Feinholz – Founder On Day 91
Creator – The Pivot Workshop and
The Momentum Program

3 Lessons

  • How to flip your strategies and outpace your competitors, repeatedly
  • Why you must develop ‘18-month muscles’ and 2 types of plans
  • The ‘new’ leverage you need to use daily

3 Principles

  • The single skill that will determine your immediate and future success
  • How to Respond instead of React
  • 7 ways to make cash work for you, now

3 Pivots

  • The new ways of thinking and taking action that will separate you from the businesses the just ‘survive’
  • Your choices and how to prioritize them
  • How to right-size and remain nimble
  • BONUS* – Private Brainstorming discussion with On Day 91 Team.How to right-size and remain nimble

Come Prepared To Work On Your Business

This high-participation workshop will include training, work sessions, a downloadable workbook, working discussions. And more!

We’ve gathered all the information essential for the first steps in 10 detailed lectures breakout discussions and live input from Linda.
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  • WHERE:
    Online, via [on your laptop!]

HOW to participate:
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*The Private Brainstorming discussion will be made available to workshop participants who complete the workshop, and summarize their take-aways.