The 10th Commandment Of Value Building For Small Business Owners

Thou Shalt Systematize Everything!

The 10th Commandment of Value building business owners is Thou Shalt Systematize Everything!

Let me make this one really straightforward, very direct. When you look in the mirror and think about the promise you make your clients do you spot whether there’s anything that you do that stops them from getting those promises met by your products or services?

I’m Linda Feinholz. I work with business owners who don’t want to get stuck in their business. And they want their company to have more Control, more Value and more Freedom.

Is there anything that you could add that would make sure you and your team fulfill on your promise. And all the while stabilize your company and generate healthy profits?

In my work with over 200 companies I’ve seen time after time where the complaints that clients make come back to the lack of systems in your business. Systems that ensure that each activity is done with the same excellence time after time, no matter who is doing it.

Sales, marketing, design and delivery of your product and services, customer service, back office, and so on.

Most of the time it’s either systems, or its skill sets. Do your folks understand the systems? Do they use them? Do they evaluate whether those system are getting the results they were intended to? Do they tell you when they aren’t?

For most people it’s utterly boring to design and set up systems, and yet here is the key question:

If for any reason you were absent from your company for 90 days, what shape would it be in on day 91?

You and your brand have made promises to your customers. If you’re not there, are those promises still being met? Are sales? How are things going in operations and problem-solving?

Any gaps you uncover, you want to make those changes immediately because that’s how you develop an incredible reputation AND a company that is stable and can thrive without you.

Let’s be sure you and your entire team are talking regularly about your entire business system and how to improve it.

Your homework is to book time with your team and create a list of all the improvements to your systems they have imagined and not yet voiced.

Is it a process that needs improving, technology, equipment, training?

If you’re all prioritizing and taking on those improvements they’ll happen faster than you can imagine. Everyone heading in the same direction, creating those specific new improvements to test and then adjust.

Work through with your team to identify the ways you will update and check in with each other and keep going forward.

And if you’d like to spend time with me increasing the Control, Value and Freedom of your business, come join other business owners online in my Momentum Program. You’ll find information at and can see if it’s a fit for you.

I look forward to celebrating you getting to your destination!


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