The 3rd Commandment Of Value Building For Small Business Owners

Thou shalt simplify – Sell A Few Things To A Lot Of Customers

The next commandment of Value Building business owners is to narrow the offerings rather than create a massive menu of products or services.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a great relationship with a client and they ask for my help on a topic I know something about from my own past experiences, it’s my natural inclination to lean forward and share what I know.

I’m Linda Feinholz. I work with business owners who don’t want to get stuck in their business.

The same thing happens with product producers, manufacturers, service professionals. When a client says “Hey! Could you also solve this OTHER thing?” the natural inclination is to say “I’ll look into it!”

And what happens next? Well for Jane, she and her brother ended up with an import business that had 3 warehouses with 10,000 different inventory items on the shelves. Lots of that inventory was slow selling, sitting on pallets.

Jane told me “we know it will sell off eventually.” Maybe so. But in the meantime way too much staff time and attention was spent moving stale inventory around from place to place, cash already spent to acquire it but not being recovered, and so on.

Business is complicated enough with your needing to braid all the daily issues of strategy and operations, staff and customer service together smoothly. If you want to be able to scale your business, you need to get the distractions OUT of the way.

Here are 3 reasons why:

The first is that variety is distracting your attention. Juggling too many plates means you cannot hone in on what your growth strategy can be for your existing offers. You cannot optimize the talents of your staff. You end up with too many things that need to be monitored and budgeted and managed. And many of them are so small that an outsider looking over your shoulder can spot they are insignificant to your business, but YOU lose sight of that.

The second reason to eliminate that widened “smear” is that it’s tying up your cash and The Financial Performance of your company. Everything gets muddied up with all the small stuff being tracked and monitored – from the expenses on your end, the time staff is spending on the small stuff, the conversations and decision-making constantly diverted to what is small and not relevant. All of those are shaving into your profitability.

And the third reason to simplify is so that you are establishing clear expertise in the eyes of your clients. It’s easy for a labor & employment attorney to spot when a client is asking a question about a different legal matter, and refer it on. What about you?

I want you to keep your business simple, your marketing easy, and for you to be able to identify quickly the perfect fit customers for your products or services and go after then whole heartedly!

Let’s clear the muck out of your business now!

If you’d like to create a roadmap for simplifying and increasing the Control, Value and Freedom of your business, take a look at the 12 Strategies Checklist and Guide. You can download it for free at .

And if you know another business owner who is spread too thin, share this with them. They’ll thank you for it!


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