The #1 Mistake Of Business Owners

Focus on growing revenues, right?

What is one change in your business you could remove from your current way of operating, that would help you get more value in your business much, much faster?

Hi. I’m Linda Feinholz. I work with business owners who are frustrated because they’re finding out their company isn’t as ‘valuable’ as they thought it was.

And today I want to talk about the mis-direction happening to your business right now.

If you’re anything like the owners I work with, you’ve got all the industry expertise, the knowledge about what customers want, all the members of your team are pulling in the same direction and getting great results. You’ve even got a great sales process and team in place.

And despite all of that, with growing revenues year over year, you’ve just found out that what you could potentially get in the sale of your business is appallingly low.

Today I want to talk about the mistake you’re making and how to fix that forever.

If you talk with business valuation experts, business brokers, and so on, they’ll tell you that the higher your sales, the higher the price you can command in the marketplace.

Thats a great piece of data, but it’s awful information.

First, FEW companies can COMMAND a price.

In general you negotiate for what a buyer is willing to spend. According to the Exit Planning Instituted and others who track the data, 100,000 businesses a year try to come to market and barely 10% ever actually sell. And next year another 100,000 add themselves to the 90,000 that didn’t sell the year before. OUCH!

The aim of every business owner should be to remove as many of the obstacles to being one of the 10% that are attractive to outsiders even if you’re not interested in selling right now.

Business is really complex and if you put your foot on the sales accelerator, you’re just building more complexity.

So here is the mantra: We want you to build the VALUE of the business, not the revenues.

Believe me, sales growth absolutely WILL happen, but your attention needs to be spent on the 8 Drivers of Value that bankers look at when deciding if they’ll make you loans, and at what rates. And they’re the characteristics of your company that brokers and buyers look at to decide if they’d actually want a second look at you business.

At ON DAY 91 we’ve got a set of tools we use to redirect your time and attention onto what is proven to move the needle on your company’s salability score and the value in the marketplace.

Like to learn more? Go to and click on the link for the downloadable CHECKLIST AND GUIDE, and sign up for my 18-minute micro webinar.

If you know another business owner who is working really hard and may be missing where they actually should be focused, send them the link.

Let’s help as many people as we can create businesses they won’t be stuck in, but rather get them more control, more freedom and more value in their business.


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