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The Momentum Begins Here

Let’s make it happen together.

Whether your business is being stressed by the 2020 COVID-19 and economic shocks, or it’s business as usual… you’re on the verge of making big things happen for your business, and you as an owner.

And over the next nine weeks, you’ll IMPLEMENT the key elements of your Momentum Plan.

The Momentum Program Unfolded

Here is what we’ll be covering during the 9-weeks (click on each one for the details):

assess The STATE of your current business

We’ll start with assessing the stability, scalability and ‘sellabiity’ (AKA Value) of your current business, You’ll identify where you are, using The Value Builder Assessment. This will give you a clear metric, your score, as the starting point for what we’ll be working on. Your roadmap and priorities to move the needle up so you increase the choices, profit and growth you’re after.

Prioritize which opportunities to go after

We’ll use The Value Builder Scalability Analysis and prioritize which growth opportunities to go after. We want to get this built early in the process, so you can get 2 or 3 initiatives underway before the Momentum Program is up.

Predict your Growth Potential

We’ll focus on your Growth Potential… focusing on the specific information that has been proven to predict a company’s future growth. The major corporations have been perfecting this tool for years, and we have it down to a science now. We’ll take my email and survey templates and implement them for YOUR business. This will allow you to know what your customers want and how they feel you’re meeting your promise to them.

Uncover defensible market differentiation

One of the keys to moving the score up on the Value of your business is unpacking the knowledge and experience you’ve got and turning it into defensible market differentiation. We’ll talk about “Monopoly Positioning” and specifically what you’ll be able to scale up to increase your profitability, without adding any more hours to your day, with new ways of positioning your products and services.

Money Money Money

Bankers and buyers are focusing on Recurring Revenue. We’ll explore 9 different approaches you’ll want to consider that can multiply the level of revenue you can predict and depend on! This is one of the strongest indicators of sustainability and shows a buyer they don’t need to worry how to fund daily operations. The same holds for YOU! So, we’ll discuss creating the ultimate cash flow maximizer opportunities for your business.

Leverage The FreeDom Architecture

Our favorite high-payoff, low-cost way to increase both Control and Freedom is by Leveraging yourself, your team, your roles and reducing your overreliances. We’ll talk about “The Freedom Architecture,“ and specifically what to do on 5 key elements in your business. 

Establish Your “Owners Rhythm”

We’ll establish your Value Builder Owner’s Rhythm — a simple system for you to produce dramatic repeatable increases in your Freedom at the same time you increase the revenue and profitability of your company

Measure What Really matters

Too often owners operate with a short list of things they track on an annual basis and miss out on the key ones that should be used for higher level decision-making. We’ll be looking at the numbers that matter to your business (LTV of a customer, profit by product/service line)

Master Your Dashboard

One of the most overlooked tool for reducing the riskiness of your business (in the eyes of bankers, brokers, investors and prospective buyers) is your Dashboard, keeping track of those metrics that matter, that could provide you the opportunity of having betting Control.

We’ll ALSO be addressing PIVOTS you should be considering as a result of the COVID-19 Turbullence and Economic shocks producing both stresses on and opportunities for your company.

Plus a BONUS!

Additionally, you’ll have a private strategy call. In week 8 you’ll fill out a summary about your business, including the insights you’ve had in working on each module and then book time for your session.

So, you could call this the “9+1” Program: 9 Weeks plus a Private strategy call.

There are other bonuses, too. Linda and her team will be opening access to their rolodex of business experts who will be discussing current key topics about business just for members of the program. Issues that matter RIGHT NOW.

Before and After the Momentum Program

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about starting the Momentum  Program. We’re happy to answer any you have!

Who Is This Momentum Program For?

The On Day 91 Momentum Program is Both for those who have a goal of selling their business, And also for those who just want their company set up and running so that it’s healthy, self-sustaining and can entertain transition or sale plans. Everyone who wants to take their business to the next level is allowed to join the program.

How Is The Momentum Program Different Than Other Programs?

Linda has 25 years’ experience with over 200 small and mid-sized businesses in multiple industries, and has launched and run her own company

We’re not looking at 1 issue (many programs just focus on a single topic like ‘marketing’). In this program we take a comprehensive look at your strategies and operations and more.

The Momentum Program focuses on the 8 CORE AREAS of your business that affect the Value of your business: The 8 Drivers of Value. These underpin the way you CONTROL what is taking place in your business, the way you execute business to continually increate it’s VALUE, and the way you continually increase the FREEDOM in your business. The program focuses on making your company more STABLE, SCALABLE, and potentially SELLABLE.

Tell me more about The Value Builder Assessment and Score

This online confidential business survey takes 13 minutes to complete and provides owners with metrics in 8 areas of business. These are the aspects of your business that bankers use to determine if you are a risk and how much they’ll make available and at what rates. Brokers and investors and prospective buyers look at them to determine the attractiveness of your business overall, and in comparison to your industry. Over 50,000 companies have used this survey to determine their starting state and business value and track how it increases as they work on “The 8 Drivers of Value” in their business. As you take action on these drivers you score rises and so does your business value.

Will I Get Something Shipped To Me?

Everything you need while you’re in the program is accessed in the private members area online.

How Long Is The Program?

It is a 9-week program, plus a private strategy call has been added as a bonus.

Can I Get Access To The Program All At Once?

The modules will be sent to you every week. That’s one module per week.

What Do I Do If I Have Questions?

If we’ve missed anything, or there’s something you need to know, just ask. Shoot a quick email to Support@OnDay91.com with the words ‘Momentum QUESTION’ in the subject line and our support team will jump in and help out.

The good news is that you can ask Program-related questions on the Momentum Program Facebook group (you get access when you join), and then Linda and the team can answer your questions and the other members of the program can share their experiences with you( as well as for the Q&A Sessions.

What Time/Day Are The Live Q&A Calls?

The Live online Q&A Calls are run twice a month on a Thursday, at 2:00 PM Pacitic |  5:00 PM, Eastern.

What If I Don’t make It To A Live Session?

Everything is recorded, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. You’ll be able to watch it anytime.

How Much Time Does It Take To Do The Program?

You’ll be able to finish the entire module in less than 2 hours. Each module has several videos.

What if I have an emergency and cannot continue at that time?

The online modules will continue to be available to you for _____ [6 months], along with the recordings from the Q&A sessions.

I’m not a groupie. Are there any other options?

YES. Linda has private clients and works with them 1:1. Please send an email to Support@OnDay91.com

How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost is $1500. It’s in USD regardless of your location.

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The Momentum Program focuses on the 8 CORE AREAS of your business. That elements directly affect the Value of your business. They are called The 8 Drivers of Value. They underpin

  • the way you CONTROL what is taking place in your business
  • the way you execute business to continually increate it’s VALUE, and
  • the way you continually increase the FREEDOM in your business.

The Momentum Program focuses on making your company more STABLE, SCALABLE, and potentially SELLABLE.

Whether your business is being stressed by the 2020 COVID-19 and economic shocks, or it’s business as usual, these 8 “Drivers of Value” are critical and it’s time to get serious about taking your company to it’s next level.

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